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Wednesday, January 23, 2013



I received advice on how to improve my writing. Apparently I have a love affair with superlatives! I'm grateful someone pointed that out to me because I want to make my writing as fluid, relatable and realistic as possible.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Music and Writing

Frequently I listen to Pandora radio and I hear songs that just pummel me with inspiration. I find that music has a way to sparking pieces of my novel to come to life. Sort of like a soundtrack. And if you notice I have a few of those songs listed at the top of my blog. However, from time to time I like to share new music that I've heard that inspires me. That's what this post is all about. Here's a song for you to enjoy.



Here's another little piece of my writing thus far. I realize that it may be a tad confusing to keep track of everything that I'm posting because they aren't really connected thoughts. But the point of these posts (for me at least) isn't to present you with the finished novel that I have itself, but rather give you a glimpse into my writing style as well as a hint at the ideas for my novel. It helps me, as well, to see the areas I may need to improve on and gives me motivation to continue writing.

I hope that makes more sense. But, if you do want to know further into the story itself you are free to ask questions. If you have critiques and insights that I may overlook you are more than welcome to enlighten me as well. I appreciate it.

So here's a new little piece for you to enjoy. I hope you like it. And as always, comments are appreciated.

I felt extremely out of place as I walked carefully down the staircase. I had been primped, polished, and sucked into an insanely tight (though admittedly beautiful) dress, my hair curled and piled on the top of my head, small beaded pearls lacing the auburn locks, and makeup applied to my cheeks and lips. All of this done in order to play the part of a courtier here in France. And yet, I still felt like the vulnerable, wary college student from New York. No one would believe this farce. It was absurd to even think that I could pull this off! I could feel my fingers twitching out of nervousness and resisted the urge to smooth out the nonexistent wrinkles of my dress.

                I gazed around me, noting just how many people were here. The women were adorned in voluminous dresses, austere glittering jewelry, and amazingly large and imposing hairdos. The men wore tailored suits that glittered as much as the women. It felt very much like an extravagant costume party. A few people glanced in my direction, giving me inquisitive looks. They were obviously trying to figure out who I was or why I was here. Even in my borrowed finery I still felt extremely out of place. My dress was not nearly as outlandish as the rest of the company here (something that I was both relieved and self-conscious about).

Ugh. I needed to find Adam. I needed a familiar face in this sea of high snobbery. I needed something I could latch onto to keep me from bolting from the room.

                So far, however, I was having no luck in locating him. It figured, really. He was always around when I DIDN’T need him. Now, when I desired his company, he was suddenly absent.


                “Pardon me, ma chére, I’m afraid I’ve never had the pleasure of being acquainted with you,” I jerked my head to my right and was surprised to see a man dressed in bright blues standing before me, his dark hair slicked back meticulously, his green eyes observing me curiously.

                “I, uh, my name is Genevieve,” I replied, recalling Adam’s backstory for my presence, “I am visiting my distant cousin, Adam Rauchard.”

                The man’s eyes lit up and a smile graced his lips, but something about the way he was looking at me seemed all too familiar (and not in a good way mind you).

                “Ah yes of course! Adam is a dear dear friend! What a pleasure it is to finally meet one of his relatives. He never told us how delectably attractive his relations were!”

                The man grabbed my right wrist and brought it to his lips, giving my knuckles a soft kiss. I felt my heard hammer in my chest uncomfortably. This man was creeping me out.

                Clearly not noticing my distress, the man straightened, adjusting the lapels of his blue and gold coat and gave me what I supposed he deemed a winning smile. “I am Nicholas Perdu, mademoiselle. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

                How was I supposed to respond to that? I wanted nothing more than to slink away back upstairs, and hide until this nightmare was over!

                “Uh, yes well—it’s a pleasure to meet you also,” I stumbled over my words, attempting to mimic the language he had used.

                Nicholas chuckled at me, “Ah how delightfully endearing!” He remarked, “You are a shy one! Ah well, don’t fear my dear, I’ll make it my personal quest to break you from your cocoon of timidity.”

                “Ah I see you’ve met my Genevieve, Nicholas,” Adam’s rich voice carried over Nicholas’ simpering appraisal. I inwardly gave a sight of relief.

                Nicholas straightened and took a step back from me, turning to his left, where Adam stood clad in a deep hunter green suit, he gave Adam a tight smile.

                “Yes indeed! I’ve finally met one your lovely relations! You really shouldn’t keep such sparkling gems in your family hidden my dear boy!”

                “Not hidden, merely protected,” Adam replied in a clipped tone, “Now if you’ll excuse us, I believe I need to escort this dear girl to get some refreshment and make some more introductions. Thank you for keeping her entertained in my absence.”

                “Anytime my dear boy. Anytime indeed.”

                Grasping my elbow, Adam gently led me away from the leering man and towards a more secluded corner.

                “I’m away for a few minutes and you’re being pawed at,” Adam snorted, “What am I going to do with you?”

                “Hey!” I remarked heatedly, “It wasn’t my fault. I didn’t seek him out. He came at me!”

                “Indeed. I have no doubt of that. His whole family seems fascinated with you, no matter what time period it is.”

                “What?” His statement confused me. “I don’t quite follow.”

                Adam chuckled lightly, “No I don’t suppose that you do.” He stopped us just beside a few of the surrounding pillars near an archway that led out towards the gardens. “Is there anything that seemed familiar about Nicholas?”

                “How did you—“ I trailed off giving him a suspicious look. Adam nodded at my appearance.

                “I thought you’d recognize it. You see you are actually quite acquainted with his family—in your time at least.”

                “What? Who could possibly be—Michael!” The realization slammed into me light a freight train. “That’s why he seemed so creepy and familiar! He’s the great great…whatever to my boss! Ugh.”

                Adam chuckled at my discovery. “Yes that particular family trait you’ve recognized seems to be one that’s passed down. It’s rather ironic that all the males in that family seem particularly fond of your company.”

                “Shut it,” I ground out, annoyed by Adam’s smirk, “That’s not funny.” I sent him a glare, but the smirk didn’t leave his face.

                “I wouldn’t be so sure,” he snorted, “I found it rather amusing.”

                I rolled my eyes and turned from him, to hide the color that I knew had risen to my cheeks. He knew just what to say to get under my skin and honestly after the last few days I didn’t really know how much more I could take.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Updates Galore!

Well I have some great news! The first draft of my book is almost finished! Hooray!

Now, here's a little snippet of a scene I've been writing. Once again, it's very rough, but I hope you understand the concept of the conversation in context to the entire story as a whole. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I's the update. I hope you like it!

Letting out a huff of air I flopped on my back, avoiding looking at Adam’s face, “Alright then, start talking.”
                “It’s complicated Jenna. I’m sorry you feel overwhelmed. But, can I say that I never intended for you to get mixed up in travelling with me. I was only sent to protect you-“
                “Whoa whoa whoa, back up a bit,” I grumbled, “Let’s get back to explaining things first. You already lied earlier about your “lifestyle” so  I deserve an explanation. And it had better be a good one. Then we’ll talk apologies.”
                Adam sighed, “Alright, what can I answer for you?”
                “Who were those men?” I turned facing Adam again. He was hunched over, his knees tucked under his chin, staring at the expanse in front of him.
                “They were workers…” he trailed off, glaring in front of him.
                “Workers for what?”
                Letting out a frustrated huff, he turned to me. “They don’t really have a name Jenna. They’re an organization sent out to destroy history.”
                “What do you mean destroy history? This isn’ t making sense. And why would they need me in order to supposedly destroy history?” His explanations were a bit absurd.
                “Listen Jenna,” He layed down next to me, “Let me just explain things one at a time alright. It’ll be easier that way. “
                He cut me off again, “No. It will only confuse you more. Just listen.” When I nodded my he turned his gaze upward, avoiding my face. “I’m sure your father told you all about time travel when you were young correct?”
                “How did you…?”
                “It doesn’t matter right now. What matters is that he told you that you are needed to complete the project. Your father was a time traveler. I’m a time traveler too. That’s why we’re here in France, in the early 18th century to be precise. You see, your father was working for an organization,” he sneered at the word, “that was attempting to rewrite history. Travelers cannot alter the history of time, but are merely observers. These men wanted to try to change all that. Your father thought that it might bring peace to the centuries that had been riddled with war and contention. His ambitions were good.”
                He stared at me for a moment, going silent. I wanted to say something, but my mouth wouldn’t work.
                Adam breathed a deep sigh, “that’s when things got complicated. Your father met your mother and they fell in love, making him mortal. But, he continued researching, even using his own mortality as a possible solution to the plan. And he was successful…to a degree.”
                “A degree? What does that mean?” I asked, confused.
                “It means that he realized the true intention behind the research he was doing,” Adam faltered, “and the price that would be paid.”
                “You aren’t making sense,” I blurted.
                “I realize that, but let me finish alright?” I nodded my head slowly in resignation. “Your father began to understand that a mortal’s blood allows for more control over time travel. Instead of just traveling, you could now change time, alter it to suit your purposes. And that’s where the problems came in.”
                “What do you mean?” I asked.
                “When you start to alter time, it begins to collapse. Certain key events must occur in order to prevent the timeline from shattering. But the facility didn’t agree. They wanted to change events, rule the timeline. They needed the key that your father had.”
                “So, that’s why they..?” I trailed off swallowing slightly, refusing to think about what happened that night to my parents.
                Adam nodded, sending me a sympathetic smile, “Yes. That’s why they sought out your father. They had learned the key component and wanted to take out the one person who was standing in their way. But, they didn’t realize that your father didn’t tell them a vital piece of information until it was too late.” He looked at me then, his face calm but serious. “It wasn’t just a mortal’s blood they needed.”
                “Then what did they need?”
                “They needed the blood from one who had a traveler’s blood and a mortal’s blood.”
                “You can’t be serious. They needed my father’s  blood in order to corrupt time?”
                “Not exactly,”
“But you just said that…” I trailed off looking confused.
“That’s why they are after you.”
                “I don’t understand.” I was confused, “I’m just human. I don’t really believe that you’re telling me the truth about this who ‘traveling’ thing, but I know that I’m just a mortal. I’ve never traveled through time.
                “But your father has. His blood flows in your veins. You’re the only link to finishing the project.”
                My mouth dropped open in shock and my head was spinning. This was getting beyond ridiculous. There was no possible way that time travel was possible! My father could not have been a time traveler. Nor could I be some mystical key to completing a project to corrupt time. It was absurd, laughable even!
                And yet….
                A lot of things started clicking when Adam started his story. I often wondered why my parents believed in traveling through time. I usually wrote them off as crazy. And, to have those creeps try to attack me today? Well, to couldn’t be a coincidence.
                I shook my head to dispel the crazy thoughts. This was absurd. Not possible. Ridiculous.
                “Jenna?” I snapped back to reality. Adam was gazing at me worriedly. “Are you alright?”
                I let out a low chuckle. “You’re crazy you know that. Do you honestly expect me to believe this…this strange absurd story of yours? My father was not a traveling human, thingy! You can’t expect me to believe that anything that you said was true.” I tried to remain calm, tried to calm the frustrations and confusion, but it wasn’t working well.
                “Jenna I was perfectly serious. I wouldn’t lie to you about this.” He was eyed me determinedly.
                Letting out a huff I sent him a glare, “If what you say is true, then I’m in danger?”
                Adam nodded, “Yes that’s why we’ve been looking out for your safety. At first no one knew what the key was to unlocking the time travel control, but once your father’s notes surfaces, we all knew we needed to find you. That’s—“ Adam chuckled lightly, “That’s why we collided that first day. I was waiting for you, but didn’t know exactly who I was looking for and when you crashed into me, I—ah—I sort of just…well…anyway, after I learned your name I realized I needed to plant myself firmly in your life. People were already starting to investigate your presence so it was important that my team kept tabs on you.”
                “Your team? You mean more of you have been looking after me?”
                “Yes. There’s are five of us. Amara, myself, Caleb, Anna, and Alex.”
                “wha—“ I was floundering for words, “why so many?”
                “It was important to keep you safe and I wasn’t going to risk something happening,” he remarked with a kind smile.
                Realization hit me then. “So I can’t go back home can I?”
                “I’m afraid not. At least not yet. Since the men know where you live and go to school, they’ll be waiting for your return. It’s far safer if you are to remain…er..travelling for awhile with me.”
                “But, how, how do I get home then? What about my job, my schooling? How would I explain this if I ever get to go home?”
                “Time will keep moving, that’s true, however I should be able to return you nearly to the moment that we disappeared. It’ll be like you never left in the first place.”
                “Then, how will we be able to return home if those men are still there, stuck in that moment that we left?”
                Adam chuckled, “Yes I realize it’s a bit difficult to understand so bear with me. Those men are also travelers and as such they aren’t limited to the linear constructs of time. They’ll know you’re gone and they’ll be pursuing you. But if we return, they will be gone.”
                “Oh,” I was still highly confused, but my head was starting to ache from all the information. It seemed so illogical and unusual to be conversing about this type of situation and yet I found myself sitting on a bright grassy hill, flushed from my many layers of clothing. The weather was certainly warmer than New York and I was positive that I had never seen this location before. Either I was hallucinating or dead.

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Bedtime Story

A little change from what I'm currently working's an update and a bedtime story. Try to imagine, if you will, he possible illustrations...Enjoy!

                Once upon a time, in a kingdom down the street from the grocery store, there lived three handsome little princes and one pretty little princess. These little royals lived under the rule of King Daddy dear and Queen Mommy and were much loved and cherished.

                One day, after a adventure-filled afternoon of fighting pillow monsters and building forts in the living room, Queen Mommy glanced at the clock.

                “Oh my, it’s 8:30 already,” she declared, “Time for bed my little ones.”

                Sadness filled the little royals and they cried in dismay, “Oh Momma, can’t we stay up and play? Just a little longer?”

                “I’m afraid not my dears. Tomorrow is a busy day and you need your rest. Now off with you, time for bed!”

                With a resigned sigh, the little princes and the pretty princess trudged off toward the bathroom to brush their teeth. One by one they stood at the sink as Queen Mommy helped them capture all the bandit cavities with their mighty toothpaste and toothbrush. Then after rinsing and smiling in the mirror, each little child ran down the hall to their bedrooms and grabbed their royal pajamas. The little princes were dressed dashingly in blues and reds, while the pretty little princess decided to wear a pink night dress.

                After tucking each little royal into bed, Queen Mommy gave her little royals a kiss on the forehead and bade them a quiet goodnight.

                “Now, no playing. Straight to sleep,” She commanded, with a smile as she shut the door to the Little Princess’ door.

                But laying in the dark causes one’s mind to wander and soon, the little princess fancied that she heard a noise…a noise coming from under her bed!

                ‘Oh no!’ She thought, ‘It must be a monster!’

                Suddenly the bed began to rattle and shake and the Little Princess heard a growling noise. She let out a terrified squeak!

                “Help!” she cried, “Help me!”

                The Little Princes down the hall heard their sister’s cries and jumped from their beds, grabbing their plastic swords. They would protect their sister!

                Running down the hall they pushed open the door and saw a giant dragon, with bright green scales and glowing yellow eyes, hiding under their sister’s bed!

                “Monster!” they cried dashing forward, attacking the beast that growled and snorted.

                The little princes lunged at the beast, avoiding its fiery breath and spiky tail. They jabbed their swords and defended their sister, who sat terrified on her bed, clutching her favorite doll.

                Suddenly, the dragon attacked and lunged at the little princes, throwing them to the ground!

                “Oh no!” cried the pretty Princess, jumping from her bed, “I will save you!”

                Grabbing  her magic scepter the princess jumped on the back of the beast and tried to put a spell on it. The beast, however, was just too strong and the pretty little princess fell to the ground next to her brave little princes.

                The giant dragon growled at the little royals and prepared to attack…

                But fortunately Queen Mommy opened the door.

                “What on earth are you doing?” She cried.

                The little princes and pretty princess looked up at their mommy and then back to the dragon that had magically shrunk and now resembled one of their many stuffed animals.

                “We were protecting the princess from the dragon!” Exclaimed the littlest prince.

                Queen Mommy sighed and smiled, “Oh my brave little princes, did you succeed?”

                Nodding vigorously, Queen Mommy smiled and ushered her little ones back to bed.

                “Now no more adventures until morning! Give those imaginations a rest,” She declared, kissing her little princes on the forehead and turning out the light once more. She returned to the princess’ room and gently tucked the little girl back in bed. “Be safe little one,” she whispered with a smile and quietly turned out the light.

                After that, the little royals slept soundly in their beds, the little princes valiantly clutching their plastic swords and the little princess, snuggling with her stuffed dragon.

                Yes all was well and quiet in the little kingdom down the street from the grocery store…

                At least until the morning that is.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Okay I admit that I have been terrible at keeping this blog current on the progress of the ever "famous" novel that I'm working on. Life has been...well...difficult the last few months and honestly I've had a hard time adjusting to all the drastic changes going on right now. It's been hard to say the least.

But, we're getting through all the interesting twists and turns and we'll make due with everything going on right now.


Anyway, I have been working furiously on my novel the last little while and I actually have some updates in store in the next few days.

I'll be sure to update several things here shortly but for now I thought that I'd say that I'm not dead and I haven't given up writing.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Another Update

Hooray for another update. First things first, someone was kind enough to create mock book covers for my novel. I like them a lot and hope that you'll enjoy seeing a picture or two of them :).

I thought the clock design on this one was interesting

I think this one might be my favorite.

I really like this one though

This was the first mock cover that was made for me. I like it a lot.

Things are finally starting to get interesting in my novel. The pieces are falling into place nicely and I can actually see the complete plot connecting to one another. It's wonderful. I feel like I've really reached a turning point in my writing so far. At least where the plot development is concerned. I know there's still a lot to do, but hey at least I'm making progress right?

As always I hope you enjoy my writing and will leave a lovely comment. Let me your opinion about the plot, writing style, anything really! Enjoy!

“Are you proposing m’dear?” Adam asked in a teasing tone.

“Hardly,” I replied drily. “Can I just go now?”

“Would you care to come to the car then?” Adam questioned, a smile on his face.

I shook my head, “No thanks. I’d rather walk today. It’s so nice. Feel free to take a day off.”

I doubted he’d take my advice.

Adam laughed lightly, “Right. That’s exactly what I’ll do. Leave you alone to fend for yourself.” There was a light tone in his voice but his eyes were hardened.

I was confused by his conflicting actions but determined that it was merely Adam being his normal strange self. Choosing to ignore his request I turn back towards the car I continued on towards campus, reveling in the fresh air and trying to comfort my wounded pride. I seemed to do that a lot lately. Adam was a persistent nag on my lifestyle. He knew how to shake things up and fluster me.

But, changing weather was so pleasant I wasn’t too put out by the prospect of a future battle on my freedom from Adam’s presence. I could try again later. I was nothing if not persistent.

“Jenna?” I pulled myself out of my thoughts and noticed a stranger standing a few meters in front of me. I’d never seen him before.

“Can I help you?” I questioned coming to a stop, Adam right behind me.

“You’re Jenna Matheson?” He questioned quietly, his eyes hooded under a baseball cap, tufts of brown hair poking out the sides.

“Yes? Do I know you?” I felt Adam’s presence behind me, his breathing close enough to distinguish from the other sounds around me. He was standing very close.

The man standing across from me chuckled, in a dark tone. “I don’t believe we’ve ever had the pleasure of being introduced Jenna. However, I did know your father. He was a friend of mine.”

Adam grabbed my arm, “We need to move Jenna,” He urged whispering in my ear.

“I’m not sure I understanding,” I confessed, ignoring Adam’s urging. He was tugging rather forcefully on my arm.

The man lifted his head, his chestnut eyes glistening in the sunlight, a sinister smile was on his face. Warning bells were signaling in my head. But curiosity was getting better of me. He knew my father, I had to at least hear him out.

“Yes indeed I knew your father. He was great man. However, he left many loose ends at our facility,” he emphasized the word, “before he died. I’m merely here to collect what is needed to complete the project.”

Now I was really confused. “What does that have to do with me? I didn’t know what my father did for a living.”

“Jenna we really need to move,” Adam whispered again, pulling harder, “He’s not a good guy.”

The man laughed, “Ah Adam, still playing the hero eh? Well, I always knew you were the fool.”

Adam stiffened shooting a glare at the man, “I won’t let you touch her Derrick,” He warned, his voice like steel, “And I’m not fool. I see the reality of the situation. You’re deluded by arrogance and selfishness. It will never work.”

Derrick narrowed his eyes, “Oh believe me I’ve seen power that can be generated. Now we just need the girl to bring things into fruition.”

“What does this have to do with me?” I questioned again interjecting my presence between the stiff glares that were shooting from both men.

The man laughed again, “Oh it has everything to do with you my dear little one. Just be patient pet, you won’t suffer for long.”

I took a step back. The word “suffer” sending me into panic mode. Adam’s grip tightened on me and we started to retreat.

“When I say run you run alright?” Adam whispered in my ear. I almost nodded but didn’t want to give anything away. Things were spiraling into the strange territory.

“You will not touch her. I swear it,” Adam ground out, pushing himself in front of me. “I won’t let you.”

“Oh do you really think I wasn’t prepared for you? Please Adam! Give me some credit. I’m rather smart in my old age you know.”

“Jenna run,” Adam muttered. “Now.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I hastily spun on my heel and started to dart away, my heart pounding in my ears. But, I skidded to a halt as three men walked out into the street blocking my retreat.

We were surrounded.

Quickly I retreated back towards Adam, grabbing his sleeve. His hand sought mine, clasping it tightly. My heart was hammering.

“Things could get messy Adam. It’s best to hand her over. No muss no fuss.”

Adam barked a laugh, “Sorry, I made a promise that I intend to keep.”

“Well I’m sorry to hear that,” Derrick replied, the smile dying. His eyes hardened, “Take him out, but don’t hurt the girl.”

Adam pushed himself closer to me, “Just hold on alright? I’m going to do something strange. Don’t panic.”

I didn’t have time to nod me head before a strange buzzing noise engulfed me, making my ears ring. Colors started blending, the men’s faces melting into a swirl. I was getting dizzy.

“Stop him!” Derrick’s voice was coming as an echo, “Shoot!”

I heard a loud bang and Adam groaned, his grip becoming painfully tight on my arm.

“Just keep holding on Jenna,” He shouted over the roar. The men’s faces were coming into clearer focus. I pushed myself closer to Adam’s frame, unsure of what was going on but terrified of what the men would do to me.

With a yell of anger, the air around Adam intensified in electrical charges. The men’s faces melted away, air rushing at a higher speed, becoming almost painful. I squeezed my eyes shut, waiting for the men to grab me.

My consciousness began to fade, my grip still firm on Adam’s arm.

I smacked into a hard surface, bringing my sense back to the present. Letting out a moan, I opened my eyes slowly. I was staring at a blue sky. The world was still shaking, but I noticed lazy white clouds floating slowly across the panorama I was observing.

“Jenna?” Adam’s voice murmured, near me. I let out a sigh of relief.

I sat up hastily, the world tilted and I fell back again, my breath coming out in a puff.

“Adam?” I whispered, my voice as shaky as my vision, “what happened,”

“Just lie still for a moment,” he replied, “just wait for the spinning to subside.”

“What exactly happened?” I questioned again. He was avoiding answering. I turned my head towards his voice.

Adam was laying next to me his eyes closed, a grimace on his face, “It’s-it’s hard to explain Jenna.” He grabbed his shoulder and hoisted himself into a sitting position. I slowly did the same, my vision swimming only momentarily.

“Well perhaps you should explain then because this doesn’t look like New York to me,” I remarked gazing around. It was warmer and greener and brighter.

“It’s not,” Adam replied shortly, “We’re in France.”

“Excuse me?” I questioned, “What do you mean France?”

“I mean exactly what I said,” Adam looked over at me, clearly haggard, “We’re in France.”

Now I was confused. How was that possible?

“I don’t get it. Is this a joke?”

“Why would I joke about this?” Adam was getting exasperated, “I’m perfectly serious.”

“Because it’s not possible,” I remarked, my voice raising an octave, “You can simply transport to a different country! That…that doesn’t make sense. It’s illogical and improbable.”

Adam tried to stand, “Do you remember anything that your parents ever spoke of? About time travel?” With a groan he slumped back down his grip tightening on his shoulder.

“What happened to you?” I queried concerned, “Did you get hurt?”

“It’s alright Jenna. I’ll be fine,” he remarked removing his hand momentarily. A sticky red splotch dotted his shirt. My eyes widened.

“You were shot!” I scooted closer to him, grabbing his shoulder. Adam let out a hiss, “sorry,” I remarked chagrined, “let me look.”

Gently I looked at the wound. The bullet had torn a jagged hole through Adam shirt, bloody oozed lazily from the wound. It looked painful.

“What can I do?” I asked concerned, “We need to get you some help.”

Adam chuckled, “I’ll be alright trust me Jenna. Don’t worry.”

“What do you mean don’t worry? You were shot, we need to take you to the hospital!”

I hoisted myself to my feet, gazing around for signs of a road. Wherever we were, we could hail a cab or flag a driver. Or….something.

“Easy Jenna, just relax. I’m already feeling better,” Adam soothed, trying to pull me back down, “I’ll be fine in a few minutes. Just enjoy the scenery while we talk.”